The End

(L-R) Angelina DeLeon, Bella Espinoza, Emma Sellers, Sophia Nugent and Kylie Chung

Firecrackers Rico’s 2021 season  came to an end on Wednesday with a loss to Impact Gold. The team was fighting to make it to Thursday but came up short in extra innings, losing in the 9th inning.

The loss ended the season for the team and the travel ball careers of our five Seniors. We all hoped they would survive to play one more day as Firecrackers, but Impact Gold had other ideas. Their travel ball careers ended but their softball careers will continue on in college as all five will be playing softball at the next level.

  • Angelina DeLeon – Ole Miss
  • Bella Espionza – San Diego State
  • Emma Sellers – South Carolina
  • Sophia Nugent – Oklahoma
  • Kylie Chung – Stanford

Sophia and Emma have been members of Firecrackers Rico for 3 years, Bella has been a member of our team for 2 years and Kylie and Ang joined the team this year. We are going to miss them as they are great players and wonderful young women.

Now the hardest part of this post,  writing about watching my daughter play her last travel ball game. It was a bit emotional knowing I had watched her last travel game, closing  this chapter of her softball career.

I have enjoyed being a small part of her softball journey. I remember coaching her in her first softball game at 6U,  seeing the excitement and joy she had while having no idea what was really going on. She just knew she was having fun hitting and throwing the ball.  This was the beginning of what turned into one her major passions in life,  playing softball.

I look back at the countless hours of practice, the thousands of pitches I have thrown to her,  and all the time we got to spend together because of this amazing game. It has been very special getting this time together,  I would not trade it for anything. 

My little 6U player will be heading off to play college softball for the University of Oklahoma in a few weeks time. I know everyone says it, but it is crazy how fast time flies. One thing I want to share is enjoy every minute of the journey because it is over in a blink of an eye.