Firecrackers Rico Alumni in Action

We are just a few weeks into the 2021 college softball season and many of our alumni are off to great starts. It is exciting for us to see them competing at the next level and providing large impacts for their college team. One of our alumni was named Big West Freshman of the week, another had 5 home runs in one day, and several made their college debuts.

Firecrackers Rico Alumni

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Jenavee Peres2014UCLA
Rachel Crabtree2016DukeTeam is off to 8-0 start, hitting .333 with 7 RBI.
Tuesday DerMargosian2016North TexasHitting .333 in 5 Games. She is playing her Senior season at North Texas after the spending the last 4 seasons at Univ. of Texas.
Alyssa Berrera2016UtahHitting .325 with 3 HR and 17 RBI in 11 games. Team is off to 9-2 start.
Melanie Olmos2016UC RiversideTeam will see their first action on 2/28 against LMU.
Kaija Gibson2016WashingtonHitting .500 to start the season. Team is 9-1 after 10 games.
Sis Bates2016WashingtonHitting .485 with 10 RBI. Team has started the season 9-1.
Alexis Allan2017MichiganStart the 2021 season on Friday 2/26 against Purdue.
Ryan Denhart2017Grand CanyonIs 3-0 on the season with a 2.43 ERA on 5 appearances.
Mary Iakopo2017TexasMade season debut against Wichita State on Feb. 21.
Alle Bunker2018OregonTeam is 8-0 to the start season. Hitting .333 with 8 RBI.
Ali Kilponen2018LSU
Anna Vines2018UCLAHitting .500 to start the season.
Bri Jewett2018HarvardThe Ivy League has cancelled athletics for the 2021 season.
Brooke Vestal2018OklahomaTeam is 7-0 to start the season.
Emma Clark2018Notre DameHitting .333 to start the season.
Grace Lyons2018OklahomaTeam is 7-0 to start the season. Hitting .615 with 7 HR and 20 RBI.
Jenna Kean2018Louisiana
Kaitlin Parsons2018TennesseeHitting .357 on the year while starting at 2B.
Alexa Campbell2019UC Santa Barbara
Alexis Laudenslager2019PrincetonThe Ivy League has cancelled athletics for the 2021 season.
Alyssa Garcia2019UCLAHitting .375 with 1 HR in 4 games.
Julia Jimenez2019MichiganStart the 2021 season on Friday 2/26 against Purdue.
Madison Jacobus2019UtahHitting .436 with 2 HR and 8 RBI in 11 games. Team is off to 9-2 start.
Sarah Ladd2019Michigan StateOpens the season against Northwestern on Feb. 26th
Serena Starks2019Princeton
The Ivy League has cancelled athletics for the 2021 season.
Ale Samperio2020LMUGot first start of college career against UCLA.
Shelby Ortiz2020 UtahHitting .333 on the season. Team is off to 9-2 start.
Thessa Maulu'ulu2020UCLAHitting .333 as well as picking up her first start at catcher.
Xophia Venegas2020IowaOpens season against Ohio State on Feb. 26th.
Antuanett Dean2020New Mexico StateMade college debut against Pitt on Feb. 12.
Bailey Wallce2020Cal State FullertonBig West Freshman of the week. (Week 1)
Britton Rogers2020GeorgiaMade college debut against Longwood on Feb. 19th.
Carly Robbins2020South CarolinaMade college debut against Auburn on Feb. 20th.
Payden Bordeau2020Georgia
Riley Orcutt2020Georgia
Savannah Serrata2020Cal State FullertonMade college debut against LMU on 2/18.