Holiday Season – Part 2

Holiday Season 2019

With the Holiday Season officially upon us, we asked our players to share with us some of their traditions and favorite holiday memories. The holiday season gives us an opportunity to step away from softball and enjoy some very special time with our friends and families.

Savannah Serrata

Holiday Traditions:My favorite holiday tradition is making homemade tamales with my family. We make red Chile tamales, green Chile tamales, and cheese tamales.

Favorite Memories: My favorite holiday memory was when my parents told me and my siblings to stay in one room as they got ready to show us our surprise, which was our blonde Labrador. We named her Bonnie after the movie “Bonnie ad Clyde”.

Payden Bordeau

Holiday Traditions: Our favorite holiday as a family is Christmas. Every year we always watch movies, see Christmas lights, etc. A tradition we have is to have a night where we put up our Christmas tree together as a family, and play Christmas music while we put up all of the decorations around the house. Another tradition we have is to go find the best Christmas lights near our house. Last year we waited in about a hour line to walk through a house that was completely decorated front yard and back.

Favorite Memories: When I was younger we had a elf on the shelf for the whole month of December. Every morning my sister would wake me up to find the elf that morning and whoever found it first won for the day. One day we looked over the whole house and just couldn’t find the elf. So now it was starting to get close to when we had to leave for school, which means breakfast. There he was sitting in the fridge on the milk jug that he turned green with food dye. And as a 8 and 5 year old there was no way we were drinking green milk that morning in our cereal no matter how many times our Mom explained that the milk wasn’t bad and that he just colored it green to prank us… she had to go buy more milk.

Sklyar Limon

Holiday Traditions: On Christmas Eve, we go over to my cousin’s house with my whole family. We eat a big meal and towards the end of the night we open presents from each other. Our tradition (for all the cousins) is we all get Christmas pajamas and take photos together.

Favorite Memories: My absolute favorite holiday memories is every year after Christmas! We go to Running Springs, where my grandpa’s cabin is. We always go skiing and laugh at each other trying to figure it out!

Alessandra Samperio

Holiday Traditions: My favorite holiday tradition is waking up early in the morning on Christmas Eve to make Cioppino with my grandparents.

Favorite Memories: My favorite holiday memory was when I was 8, on Christmas morning, I got my first bike and my step-dad taught me how to ride it.

Thessa Malau'ulu

Holiday Traditions: My favorite holiday tradition is going to Christmas Eve church service and heading to my grandparents house to hangout with the entire family. When midnight hits, we begin all of our crazy Christmas shenanigans including baking battles, live performances, and our famous money tree competition.

Favorite Memories: -My favorite holiday memory is getting together with all of my cousins and filming a Christmas eve special every year to show to our family. Whether it’s a music video or a comedic short film, my cousins know how to bring laughter to every second of it.

Sophia Nugent

Holiday Traditions: My favorite holiday traditions are to go to my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve. We have turkey and ham and go to church. All the family is there, so we get to enjoy each other’s company.

Favorite Memories: My favorite holiday memory was when I was 12. I was up at 4:00 am with my mom building a dollhouse for my sister. It took us all morning and we finally finished it when Fiona came down looking for her presents

Zoe King

Holiday Traditions: One of my favorite holiday traditions is spending Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family and getting to open presents with my cousins. My dad has a big family so it always seems crazy but it’s fun to try all of the different food my family brings and tear open presents!

Favorite Memories: My favorite holiday memory is watching the movie A Christmas Story on repeat with my family almost every holiday season. We can probably quote the movie word for word.

Bailey Wallace

Holiday Traditions: Our main Holiday tradition is every Christmas morning my whole family comes over and my grandpa makes omelettes for everyone. We all open presents and spend time together. We also do paintball later on Christmas Day with all the cousins and some of the uncles.

Favorite Memories: My favorite holiday memory was last Christmas,  all my friends came over that night and we watched Christmas movies and stayed up super late together.