Holiday Season – Part 3

Holiday Season 2019

With the Holiday Season officially upon us, we asked our players to share with us some of their traditions and favorite holiday memories. The holiday season gives us an opportunity to step away from softball and enjoy some very special time with our friends and families.

Kennedy Bunker

Holiday Traditions: My favorite holiday tradition would have to be going to my Grandma’s house on Christmas Day after gifts and eating a big Christmas dinner with all my cousins and family.

Favorite Memories: Driving and walking through Candy Cane Lane with my family and friends and drinking hot chocolate.

Taylor Johnson

Holiday Traditions:  Some my favorite Christmas traditions include baking and spending time with family. On Christmas Eve we attend church in the morning and then go visit my dad’s side of the family for dinner and gifts. On Christmas Day, my mom’s side of the family comes over to our house and we open gifts and have Christmas dinner.

Favorite Memories: My favorite holiday memory was when we had a Christmas neighborhood party where Santa would arrive on the Double Decker Bus and would take everyone to see the holiday lights.

Antuanett Dean

Holiday Traditions: My favorite is having our Christmas Eve dinner with all my family and being able to open one small gift at midnight.

Favorite Memories: My favorite holiday memory is when I was about 4 I got a Dora the explorer play kitchen and went crazy. They caught it all on tape and we watch those tapes every year.

Britton Rogers

Holiday Traditions:  My dad will wake my family up very early on Christmas morning to blaring Christmas music. We all hang around all day playing with presents then every Christmas night we eat Chinese food.

Favorite Memories: My mom forgot one thing that was on my list when I was little so she wrote a note (from Santa) that said it fell out of the sleigh and to go to the store and get the toy.