Softball Moms

How do you ever say thank you to those who have given you the opportunity to succeed and achieve wonderful goals in a sport you love?

Article by Bruce Orcutt

Write an article about softball moms, they said. It will be easy, they said. As I am sitting here typing, it has hit me that there is not a one-size-fits-all way to describe a “softball mom.” Some softball moms are in-your-face types and know the sport; some are more timid; some sit right behind home plate and some prefer the outfield; and some can’t watch when the game gets stressful. Some yell, a lot. Some never make a sound.

Oh yes, there are so many different types of softball moms, but there are couple things that are true of every single one. All softball moms hurt when their daughters hurt over a loss or injury or missed play. All softball moms celebrate when their daughter and her team have a success. And all softball moms want their daughter to be the best player she can be.

At every game there is going to be a softball mom who will have a pharmacy and/or first aid kit in her purse. Sometimes the medicine needed is a well-timed hug or a scream of “way to go kid!” or even the polite questioning of an umpire’s call. Softball moms pack treats for the girls, man the snack bar, and basically make sure the team has what it needs. Softball moms are their kids’ and their teams’ biggest fans. Moms are often the soul of the family and it is the same with softball—Moms can make or break a team.

The Firecracker Organization thanks the moms who commit so much of their own time and effort to provide their daughters with this amazing opportunity. Softball is a sport where growth and achievement on the field was funded and developed by countless hours of detailed preparation and work with trainers, coaches, instructors, and specialized equipment all of which was supported by mom. We celebrate the mothers of softball and truly appreciate all that they have done to help our sport grow and succeed, all while encouraging their daughters to be accountable, passionate, and driven. Thanks softball moms for all you do!