2020 Holiday Season – Part 2

Holiday Season 2020

With the Holiday Season officially upon us, we asked our players to share with us some of their traditions and favorite holiday memories. The holiday season gives us an opportunity to step away from softball and enjoy some very special time with our friends and families.

Zoe King

Favorite Christmas family tradition: Having Christmas Eve with my family. We used to do this at my grandparents house but in the last few years, my parents have hosted this event and it’s always so much fun. There is a ton of food and sweets and the little kids get to rip open presents since we won’t all see each other on Christmas Day. This year, I’m not sure we will all be getting together because of Covid, but I’m looking forward to getting back to that tradition next year.

Favorite holiday food: Greek yiayia’s (grandma in Greek) holiday cookies! They are called Melomakarona and it’s a cookie with a sugar and honey glaze and walnuts on top. She makes them every year and I always look forward to it.

Favorite Christmas Song: I don’t really have a favorite Christmas song, but we always have a tradition to put on Christmas music when we decorate the tree, so I love any Christmas song during Christmas!


Favorite Holiday Movie: We ALWAYS watch A “Christmas Story” on repeat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I think we all know the words by heart from every scene.

Micaela Kastor

Favorite Holiday Traditions: Decorating the tree and making holiday cookies. 
Favorite Holiday Food: Mashed Potatoes 
Favorite Christmas Song: “All I Want for Christmas is You” -Mariah Carey 
Favorite Holiday Movie: Elf

Taylor Johnson

Favorite Christmas/Holiday tradition with your family: My favorite holiday tradition is baking with my grandparents. 
Favorite holiday food: My favorite holiday food is sweet potato casserole. 
Favorite Christmas song: My favorite Christmas song is It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas by Michael Buble. 
Favorite Holiday movie: My favorite holiday movie is The Polar Express. 

Skylar Limon

Holiday Family traditions: Every year after Christmas, my whole family goes up to Running Springs and we go skiing. 
Favorite holiday: Mashed potatoes are the love of my life. 
Favorite Christmas song: Rockin’ around the Christmas tree
Favorite Holiday TV show or Movie: The Grinch/ The Nightmare Before Christmas

Madison Lucero

Favorite holiday tradition: Watching The Polar Express with my grandma on Christmas Eve

Favorite holiday food: Ham 
Favorite Christmas song: It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas 
Favorite holiday movie: The Grinch  

Sophia Nugent

Holiday Family Traditions: My favorite holiday tradition is when we do our White Elephant gift exchange.
Favorite holiday food: Ham and Korean BBQ
My favorite Christmas song: Winter Wonderland
My favorite holiday movie: Home Alone

Jazzy Santos

Holiday Family Traditions: My favorite holiday tradition is to decorate the house with my family every year. 
Favorite holiday food: Tamales. 
My favorite Christmas song: Last Christmas.
My favorite holiday movie: How The Grinch Stole Christmas. 

Kennedy Bunker

Favorite Christmas/Holiday tradition: My favorite Christmas and holiday tradition is that my family and I all spend Christmas Eve at home, baking cookies, probably get takeout because on Christmas Day we go to my grandmas with all my cousins and eat a big meal. On Christmas morning my siblings and I all meet in my parents room and we go see the Christmas tree and what we got all at the same time!!
Favorite holiday food: My favorite holiday food is this smoked ham that one of my uncles make (and I don’t eat any other type of ham) 
What’s your favorite Christmas song: All I want for Christmas is you
Favorite Holiday TV show or Movie: My favorite holiday movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 

Bella Espinoza

Favorite Christmas tradition: Decorating gingerbread houses with my brothers and walking around Balboa Island and looking at the light. 
Favorite holiday food: Breakfast pie. 
Favorite song: Last Christmas
Favorite movie: Elf

Giselle Alvarez

Favorite Christmas/Holiday tradition:  When my family and I go to my Grandma’s house on Christmas-Eve to help make tamales.

Favorite holiday food: Tamales.

Favorite Christmas Song: This Christmas by Chris Brown 

Favorite Christmas movie: The Polar Express.